About Us

Hi! I am Treese, the owner of Kingdom's Vessel LLC. Welcome to our store!

We are a Christ-centered business. Our goal is to be the reflection of God that people need to see and experience. As part of the body of Christ, we are called to be His hands, His feet, His voice, His vessel. This mission is where our GodBehavior® Clothing Line originated from. 

I'm a person of few words most of the time, and I wanted another way to share Christ with others and I know that other Christians had the same desire. So, in 2016 Kingdom's Vessel LLC (Say It With Me Apparel at the time) was established. Apparel was/is an option that always gives you an opportunity to share about what you believe in; an opportunity to share God with others without having to say a word.

Now this is your chance to wear and share.....about God. We want to be the company that replaces all of your non-faith based t-shirts in your wardrobe.